Saturday, March 22, 2008

My new favorite song.

Matt Hyland, Kate Rusby. My new favorite song.

here was a lord, lived in this town
Who had a handsome, lovely daughter.
She was courted by a fair young man
Who was a servant to her father.
But when her parents they came to know
They swore they’d send him from the island.
The maid she knew her heart would break
Had she to part with young Matt Hyland.

Then straightway unto her love she goes,
Into his room him to awaken.
Saying, arise my love, and go away,
This very night you will be taken.
I overheard my parents say
In spite of me he will transport you.
So arise, my love, and go away,
I wish to God I’d gone before you.

Oh must I go, to her he said,
Oh must I go without my wages.
Without one penny allin my purse
Just like some poor, forlorn stranger
Here’s fifty guineas all in bright gold
And that’s far more than father owes you.
So take it now and go away,
I wish to God I’d gone before you.

They both sat down upon the bed
Just for the side of one half hour,
Not a word did either speak,
But down their cheeks the tears did shower.
She rests her head upon his breast
And round his neck her arms entwined.
Not duke nor lord, nor earl I’ll wed
I’ll wait for thee my own Matt Hyland.
I’ll wait for thee my own Matt Hyland.
I’ll wait for thee my own Matt Hyland

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kids new developments and funny phrases.

Roeland is crawling and has been for the past 3 weeks. He has started kicking his right leg monotonously whenever picked up, while usually sucking his thumb. Anice told me the other day after having a drink of water; "I appreciate it, mom". Brownie took my face in both hands and said "are you serious?".

Friday, March 14, 2008

adventures in wardrobe.

This pattern is the one I will be using.
It was pulled from an authentic 18th century pair of stays.

I have worn a costume pair that I have had for while for about two or three days now and have to confess that they are so comfortable. Today, I went back to my previous undergarment and it has proved to be even more uncomfortable than usual. I do not scrimp in that department either. My undergarments are professionally fitted and sized to provide the accurate shape and ultimate comfort. However, the pair of stays has won out. My lower back is supported. My posture is perfect. I have a nice silhouette. For all intensive purposes, they have been exactly what I was looking for. Who knew?!

I ordered another set from; they were even more comfortable than the costume pair. After wearing them for about an hour, I decided that they were to large and once having seen them I decided that I could make a pair that were in a neutral color. If you decide to order from jas-townsend be sure to call them. Take your measurements of bust and waist. You'll want to ask them to give you the measurements of one side of the stays from front to back on each size. Double this measurement. (Medium is 14.5 inches across one side, 30 doubled) Then, add four inches. You should probably have about two inches in between front closure and two inches in between back closure. If your waist is 30" around then, the medium will be to large and only leave a small amount for tightening laces.

If you decide to make them, here is a great link for instruction.

also the shift, which I made. Great nightgown and/or slip, btw. very comfortable and attractive.

I started thinking, well; if I am going to wear a dress during the winter, then how am I to stay warm? ... well, dress out of corduroy. using the New Look Pattern 6587, style e with lengthened sleeves and hem, add pockets to make it more functional. And add stockings and a flannel slip!
I just had these come in from

They are wool and quite warm. I just use a bit of twill tape tied just below my knee for garters. very cute.

I will probably use another one of Janice Ryan's patterns to adapt a coat to go over my dresses until then, I might just knit some cardigans out of wool.

The dresses are so much more comfortable than my jeans. I never realized until I started wearing a couple of dresses for the past 4 or 5 days. I put my jeans on today, ugh. I am so uncomfortable!

On the outside I will look like any other dress wearer in the 21st century. However, underneath; I have managed an 18th century wardrobe but modern.

Its probably a phase. I go through these quite often but what the heck!?, you only live once right? why not?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Projects in the works.

Some things I am currently thinking about or researching.

1.the modern 18th century wardrobe robe. -Corset making, stockings, dress making, shift. I am currently researching the idea of wearing a corset instead of our modern day undergarments. I want to find a way to have my lower back supported without having to wear a crazy lift support frequently worn by lowes employees.

2.weaving. -I have purchased a book on how to... I have yet to get all of the necessary accouterments needed for starting this project although I do have a table loom (alas, it is borrowed but still at my immediate disposal with no time limit).

3.tea-we have begun this, I just haven't blogged about it yet.

4.cheese making -I have all the supplies just no press yet. I will post on the various kinds. I believe I am just going to build one.

5.square foot gardening. -Pretty much have a plan. 4 boxes 4x6 to start out. Potatoes, herbs, corn, tomatoes, peppers, turnips, various squashes, beans, etc...

6.Raw milk. -we have begun this, I just haven't blogged about it yet. We are currently getting milk through a co-op from south carolina. We began doing this in December. so delicious. Making most of my own butter now.

7.bee keeping. I come by this interest honestly; my grandfather had over 100 hives at one time. I am still a little nervous about the all to real possibility or certainty of being stung multiple times, but that is what the internet is for... more research on how not be stung multiple times!

8.natural material hair accessories. Such as: what would a modern day woman use to make hair pins and combs out of since tortoise shells are illegal? Well, Bone, clearly a natural material and Cellulose, which I am told is plant derived and therefor a natural material. I have some links I will post on the blog entry regarding this research. Very exciting! preservation. Canning. Looking into buying a squeezo. also into buying some European canning jars. beautiful. I mentioned the company in an earlier blog but would like to expound on this issue. and wine making. I would like to purchase a press for making cider. possibly for making wine. An ale or lager still would be substantially more involved, but nonetheless, I am interested.

11.Natural laundry detergents, drying clothes in the sunshine. I have built a clothesline and started using a natural soap called Soapnuts. I will have an expounded entry on these too.


The soap is ready. It cured for 4 weeks, and I was able to use it for the first time yesterday. It is wonderful. It has a very clean scent. My skin is clean but not dry; my face didn't feel oily after using either. My face tends towards break outs if I do not use the right kind of soap. This hasn't caused any problems. It also floats in the bath. I used the chips left over from cutting it into bars to make shampoo. I was able to use the shampoo for the first time this morning. I used a recipe for chamomile shampoo with a little extra things added in. The link I used for the soap was My soap came out a really beautiful color of light sage green. I don't know why. I followed the recipe.
shampoo recipe is basically as follows:
1 handful of Chamomile flowers
4tbsp of soap shavings
1tbsp of glycerin

boil 11/2cps water and steep flowers for 20 minutes. strain, add soap shavings, when soap has melted then add glycerin.

I didn't use the glycerin. Its supposedly a soap making by product; I made my soap and didn't have any by products, so, I don't see the reason for adding something back in. I added 1tsp of tea tree oil and 1 tsp of grapeseed oil since I have curly hair. It tends to be dryer than most other types and prone to frizz.

The shampoo came out more watery but a beautiful golden honey color. I used it this morning and was very pleased with the results.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its that time! not cadbury egg time, chick time!

partridge rock
Golden lacewinged wyandotte
speckled sussex

I found this fabulous website from which to order our chicks. I am raising some for a friend, so I ordered 6 for us and 8 for her. They threw in a complementary chick for free. I am sure it will turn out to be a rooster. I ordered speckled sussex, partridge rock, auracanas, golden laced wyandotte. For my friend, sussex, patridge cochins, auracanas, and golden laced wyandotte. All very exciting and all for only a blanket boxing price of 5.00 and 5.00 a pullet of the breed of my choice with an minimum order of 10.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

wellies update...

these are a great deal less expensive! they have red too!