Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

thanks Laurel.

thank you Laurel for this blog...what an amazing explanation of what we were talking about?! Interesting how this topic seems to be a universal one. That just seems to make it more about our calling as Christian wives and mothers than it is about a personality type.

oh.. and I am getting out my Gifts of the Sea again and starting afresh. I haven't read it although I have tried to. your mother gave me a beautiful old copy. wow... I have such great friends. I loved these experts that she quoted and can't wait to read more.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

am I amish? no. I am not.

This is one of my favorite blogs. If you haven't read should.

I had recently informed you of my desire to create an modern day 18th century wardrobe.

let me tell you how it is going. I finished my winter dress. (yes, I realize it is spring) It fits wonderfully. I used the new look pattern 6587. It has about 4inches of ease in it so, of course, using my duct tape dress form, I altered it. This is a great pattern. Very easy to make. I added french seams b/c growing up sewing with Peaches... you just have to make french seams in everything. hand stitched the hem which I had lengthened to make it more conducive to gardening and cleaning house...bending over an insane number of times...etc. I used the bodice with out the collar. SO! what has been the response, I have been told my numerous friends that I look Amish.

since when did a sweet summer dress with pockets equal a change of religion and separatism? Never, I'd wager. SO! I am wearing my "amish" dresses especially since my charming husband thinks they are beautiful.
I will be posting pics soon.

I have had little success with the stays. Although very comfortable! they definitely give a specific shape and it is hard to hide. But, I haven't given up hope. I think with the summer dresses it should be more indistinguishable. I will make another update after I get the buttons on the new summer version.