Tuesday, April 29, 2008

house updates...

and the new table

and the new doorway through the kitchen to the outside. yay for kitchen gardens.

I realize that these are terrible pics. I really need a new digital camera.

Friday, April 18, 2008

for your consideration.

countertops link... per jessica's request.

and another new sink pic online...

Premier Sonoma Kitchen Faucet Ceramic Disc Oil Rubbed Bronze [120026] - $133.00 : Master Faucet, Online Plumbing Superstore



so for some reason Alltel will not allow mobile uploads to facebook anymore, much to my disparagement. I am completely without my usual avenue for documentation. So much has been happening around here. We got the addition dried in .. .and the chicken run and coop are finished... (excepting a coat of paint) ..
I have a new dining room table and so the Ikea chairs are what I will add to it.
I also have put aside some money for the sink and faucet. David already purchased the new countertops for me. I am very excited about having a lovely functional kitchen.
we tore out the pantry shelves and got it ready to be made into a hallway to the new addition as well as a laundry room to the left of the hallway.
My dearest friend Laurel found an awesome rug for my kitchen that matches perfectly. Alas, no picture. Darn Alltel. And a new doorway through my kitchen to the backyard. I am very excited about this improvement. It has already made a huge difference in the positive for the functioning of our home.

OH! and got the library back from david as the new addition is going to be his studio. finally a great place for him to really work. And I get the library back. I can't wait to sit and read and knit in the cozy space. yay.