Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Psalm 107:1, 8-9,21

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!

Let them thank the Lord for his steadfast Love, for his is wondrous works to the children of men.

For he satisfies the Longing soul!!! and the hungry soul he fills with good things!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Monsoon in GA

I got up this morning about 6:30. for several reasons... none of them including children...wait that isn't true b/c Roeland kept me awake by pummeling my insides, so, I will say none of them including the ordinary 2 and 3 year old reasons I am usually awakened early.... I woke up b/c of worry and the stink of a dead rat that has taken up residence under our bedroom floor (the glory of south ga humidity). the rat's presence was unknown until yesterday afternoon. We had a torrential downpour in which my backyard flooded and all of the radio flyer wagons were filled to the brim with water within a matter of about 5 minutes. Apparently the particular poison which we searched for specifically to avoid the stench problem does not work if the decomposing body is rehydrated. EWE. The downpour lasted about 45 minutes total. Now, normally, I love a good downpour provided that I am in doors and am able to relax. And I was praying yesterday in my unmotivated prenatal laziness that I could find some way of not having to water the plants. I love landscaping but the responsibility of bending over and turning on a faucet... standing in the heat as my ankles swell beyond recongnition just doesn't seem worth it at present. however, due to this downpour, God answered my prayer and provided my plants with enough rain that I will probably be able to skip watering for a couple of days!
This blessing came with, the word escapes me, "set backs". which brings me back to the reasons I could not enjoy my morning of sleeping in...(that being expected due to the fact that the girls spent the night with peachy and papa).

As the downpour began, brownynne got my attention to a leak in our sunroom by saying "mommy its raining on me" This was to be expected as we have known that there is a leak however small and as inconsequential as a leak can be. But then as I was dealing with the expected leak I was distracted by a "mommy it rained on me again" from bronwynne sitting in another portion of the room. I then noticed water running down the wall and dripping off of a door frame that leads into the main portion of our home. Well, in my pregnant mindset where any catastrophie seems unmanagable, any expense seems to present no other recourse but bankruptcy, and overwhelming insecurity sets in with the slightest inconvenience..... I somehow kept my cool. That is until I went into our bedroom (another appendage to the home) where I found a puddle of water had soaked through the roof and onto the entirety of my limited maternity waredrobe that was neatly folded on the end of my bed. this all to be topped off by the stench of dead rat and realization of the duration it would entail (the last one took a month to totally decompose). suddenly fear and insecurity crept over me. a laundry list of items that needed repair came to mind. Rotten window sills... the need to replace all the siding on the house as well as any rotten wood underneath it, replace windows, trees that need to come down in the backyard b/c of the impending threat of falling on the house, and of course the leaky roof. I began to panic. although I placed the panic in the back of my head with the montra of "God is a good God, He is soveriegn over everything" ...it woke me up at an hour that I would never willingly arouse myself by choice, so it indeed is bothering me. So, if you reading this please pray for God provision to be swift and for peace of mind on my account. Thanks. ps also pray that smell of decomposing rat goes away very soon b/c its bad enough when you aren't pregnant... but when you are- ugh.