Thursday, November 2, 2006

what is with girls settling?

ok. so I have had several of these conversations... and I just can't keep it in any longer. I don't understand... being on the other side of things... girls are settling for guys who they have to coax into a relationship.

It makes more sense to me that they would look at the text about Husbands pursuiting their wives like Christ pursuied the church as a model for a dating relationship. So here it is... a nugget of wisdom from the otherside of life....

if the guy you have a crush on isn't pursuing you unabashedly like Christ pursues His bride... the church.... then, no amount of cute clothing, awesome hobbies, diligent study of his particular sport, or correct lighting.... are going to win him for you!!!! they may get you a flirt or a couple of months of dating maybe even years of it... but they wont get you marriage...
and that should be your goal as a christian.
dating people "just for fun" is just preparation for divorce.

and if you have to ask for his intentions then its pretty safe to say he doesn't have any.

you have to set the bounderies... and make these guys work to have you... b/c if you are a christian you are daughter of the most high King.. and he should respect that and never say anything that would endanger your heart of being swayed to anything than what he Will do out of biblical love for you. if he does say things like, he "misses you" or the all to ambiguous..."I care for you a great deal" these are noncommittal ravings of a guy who has lost his mind.... RUN!

just throwing that out there... while waiting for the baby to finish eating.